Saturday, October 16, 2010

Random Walk: Hillary and Zardari

Dear All,

I am back. Yes, after exactly 24 hours, I am back. Oh, not exactly 24? So what? In India, approximations work very well and I am a true Indian.

However, that does not deter me to glean through newspapers of enemy nation-states. Or even to jot down a few opinions for them. Enemy; who? Don't ask that question. We have only one enemy, our 'childhood enemy', about whom we keep on muttering the standard Bollywood dialogue:
"Main Us-e Zinda Nahin Chhoroonga".

Now today, a news item in the website of DAWN, caught my attention. It reported that "US drone attacks kill four in North Waziristan". A sentimental freak would lament; "Oh my God, these Americans Na....."

On the other hand, our so-called 'hawkish' patriots would not shy to dance 'balle balle' at the fall of the enemy. Isn't it a wonderful game to watch? US kills the Taliban-Qaeda militants; who are our enemies. More Taliban-Qaeda guerillas being killed in Pakistani soil means they lose confidence in the military establishment of our 'childhood enemy'. And furthermore, as Pakistan does not take stricter action against the terrorists in North Waziristan, the US-Pakistan 'trust deficit' widens. Wow, we relish it.

We just need to fix our fiscal deficit, that's it. Rest leave it to the 'war on terror'.

Hillary Clinton looks nice. Doesn't she? However, her rosy cheeks are slowly transforming into bony ones; which I specifically hate and presume that is due to the tremendous pressure she is in. The tensorial pressure far outweighs that of the 'Naughty-Bill' days. Nevertheless, her hairstyle is in synch with that of 'successful' women who are romping around. Let me not get deep into this. I have no means to get embroiled into any legalities pertaining to anti-feminist agenda.

Yesterday when I was looking at the DAWN's website, not furtively though, I read that Hillary had spoken about Pakistan. No wonder, she does that quite often these days. Both Obama and Hillary are confounded with this 'live-in relationship' with our 'childhood enemy'. The latter is asking far too much for some temporary hanky-panky by the Americans. Hence, she sternly warned the Zardaris to fetch for their own funds.

Then Zardari humbly asked; "Madam, from where we get funds? Flood ne to hum-e kahin ka nahi chhora"

Hillary was very polite. "Enhance your tax base. Rope in the wealthy".

"Thank you Madam. May Allah bless you".

And how obedient is Zardari. Today his Foreign Affairs Minister proclaims, reported in the same newspaper, that Pakistan is to go ahead with tax reforms.

Please consider the above conversation as a mere fiction.

Uddipan Mukherjee is a late riser. Still, he works 'very hard' to edit Indian Policy. By the way, he writes in diplostratics

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