Saturday, July 23, 2011

IP contributor meets Hillary and her men..

INDO –US relation a vision for 21st century

Hillary Clinton began her speech with ”Vannakam” in Tamil and shared opinion of President Obama on “how US Looks at India today”. Gone are those days where Indian diplomatic position in world stage was considered to be just another nation. What is perceived now is India the nation. It is of this significance what India and Asia has risen itself into in the past decade. That makes the sub-continent nation as the new hotspot of the world.

The only foreign relation where people to people contact drives the government to government relation is seen in Indo-US relation. The rising power of India as knowledge economy plus an emerging economy puts India into the league of nation which drives the geopolitical balance of the world. India’s relation with its neighbours and other central Asian nation is of utmost value to Americans. India –Burma relation, Indo- Iran relation, Indo-Afghan,  Indo-Kazhakistan relation and Indo-ASEAN relation was some of which was referred by Ms Hillary as valuable in maintaining the Asian balance.

She also stressed on the student exchange between America and India. It was clear that the foreign university bill that India is still to pass would help American university to open shops here. It will be the determinant of knowledge exchange and research programs ahead.

A 6 hours stoppage in Chennai before the 2nd round of Strategic Dialogue was completed has become the hottest topic of town. The city itself has number of American MNC operating their manufacturing units like Ford motors. Indo-US relation certainly speaks of new vision of 21st century.

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