Monday, November 22, 2010

Random Walk: Race and Space

“If nature does not wish that weaker individuals should mate with the stronger, she wishes even less that a superior race should intermingle with an inferior one; because in such a case all her efforts, throughout hundreds of thousands of years, to establish an evolutionary higher stage of being, may thus be rendered futile.”

Dear All, since by now you are somewhat conversant with History and have started reading few treatises on the subject, do I still need to tell you whose words are these?

In fact, Adolf goes on in that particular chapter of “Race and People” (Mein Kampf) to cite the instance of North America in that regard. He says that since the Teutonic population in North America intermingled very little with the native population, the net result has not been denigrating at all as compared to what happened in Latin America.

Hence, with the aid of the “Race Theory”, Adolf seems to put forth a panacea for the mystery behind the historical development of the world. And if we, the Indians, take for granted Adolf’s theory, then I am sure, we shall be doomed in future. The reason is simple. 

We shall be infidel to ourselves as we are a hybrid stock, no doubt. And if that 'lack of belief' becomes the norm for us, then we wouldn't be able to spread out in the world confidently. 

To make the Space Theory in this century a viable option for a ‘greater India’, two things are essential. 

First, when Indians move out to select ‘spaces’ like USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Europe, they ought to be highly confident of themselves that they ‘can’. I mean, they should ingrain in their psyche that they are no ‘beggars’ who are going offshore in search of jobs. Rather they should possess a firm belief that they are ‘able’ enough and are simply ‘extending’ their homeland. 

Second, the Indians should not in any manner subscribe to Adolf’s Race Theory and hence should freely intermix, interdine and intermarry with the native population. However, that must not blunt their ‘connectivity’ with the motherland and they should not in any way detach themselves from the cultural and mental linkage with Bharat.

Simply put, the outflowing Indians need to be extremely cautious, lest they become Americanised or Australianised.

All said, it can be difficult for the outflowing Indians to abide by this dictate. 

Just listen to what Nirad C Chaudhuri has to say in page 525 of his Autobiography: 

“The withdrawal of British power from India does not necessarily involve the severance of the Western affiliation”.

And merely ten pages later, Chaudhuri dangerously asserts: 

“The monastic order founded by Swami Vivekananda has little in common with the pre-existing forms of Hindu monasticism and far more closely approximated to the Christian missionary and religious orders.”

I would like to ‘not so shamefully’ quote from Chaudhuri again (page 539): 

“Despite being a Hindu conservative, Bankim Chandra Chatterjee too could not escape disillusionment, and the literary tradition of Bengal has it that he occasionally voiced resentment at not being understood and properly assessed by his own people.” 

Well, Chaudhuri continues to belittle the quintessential Indian psyche by citing Swamiji: 

“I traveled twelve years all over India, finding no way to work for my countrymen, and that was why I went to America”.

Personally speaking, I feel by putting forth such exemplary quotations and evidences, Chaudhuri fosters a climate of negativity for the Indians. At the same time, he turns out to be a pessimist since he is unwilling to accept the fact that Indians can be different from the prototype and they ‘can’.

In fact, both Adolf and Chaudhuri are pessimists in that manner since neither of them espouses any counter-argument to the already existing mass of empirical data.

To derive a theory by being submerged under empiricism is definitely a sign of an analyst, but to lack a futuristic world view portraying a positive visibility is definitely a signature of lack of gumption.

Nevertheless, the perturbing factor which lies in the above analyses of both Adolf and especially by Chaudhuri is the bare fact that for the Indians who would be flowing outward to expand and extend their Bharat would be hazardously unconcealed to the ‘gas’ of submissiveness to the Occident.

And naturally that would precariously place them in a queue where they would be gradually and willfully entering the crucible of genetic transformation and mutate into characters who would be more an American or an Australian, than an Indian.

The Space Theory, however, detests such characters and disowns them. 

India does not need any Chief Executive Officer who feels herself to be more an ‘American’ than a ‘Bharatvasi’. At this critical juncture, we need patriots who should be on a mission and not self-aggrandising individuals who were merely born within a certain latitude and longitude which territorially defines India.

So, let’s go ahead with the Space Theory. Que Sera, Sera………

Uddipan Mukherjee is a late riser. Still, he works 'very hard' to edit Indian Policy. By the way, he writes in diplostratics 

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