Friday, September 2, 2011

IP completes 1 year today...

Abhilash Mohapatra says - "Democracy gave us freedom to express, literacy gave us freedom to write, technology gave us freedom to publish. IP blog is an initiative which represents the concern youth of today have for the nation, for the world. The global world today feels the heat of threat common to all may it be in terms of natural resources, climate change or market dynamism. It affects all, when it affects it makes us all together, this togetherness brings out idea and enthusiasm. The simple idea itself is responsible to spark the rise.

IP has covered various issue from Indian History, economics, global affairs, World Events, Current events - thus giving a new side of the most relevant topic. May we all get the strength enough to boldly express our thought and the IP in future comes as a bulletin for the people,by the people, about the people...."

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