Friday, September 2, 2011

Time and Policy...

Dear All,

A year consists of 365 days. Well, it’s nothing new. But then a day consists of 24 hours.  And that’s crucial: as that means one year consists of 8760 hours, to be precise.  And those many hours are a ‘bulky’ time duration. After all, it is eight thousand seven hundred and sixty hours compared to only three hundred and sixty five days.

Yes, things are a bit psychological. But it works that way.

I remember telling Abhilash something similar about 3 years back when we used to strategize regarding the Civil Services Examination within the precincts of the National Capital Region.  And believe me, it worked. To know the extent of efficacy of the psychological boost, Abhilash needs to be prodded.

For us at Indian Policy though, one year was of the latter connotation: that is, a rather short duration.  The beginning was a loud thud, if not a bang – with a flurry of articles and Op-Eds from the contributors; who promised to deliver with ‘time’.  They announced their coming into the scene of ‘think-tanking’ in an amateurish manner but with the distinction of not being ‘abecedarians’.

The self-proclaimed, unpaid editor was the windbag of them all. He vouched for all contributors; active as well as passive; without putting in any material or credible guarantee. He edited for 2 to 3 months, with more gloss than substance; thereby being vanquished under the force of ‘time’; stressed out due to the ‘tensorial’ effect of a ‘pressured’ life and consequently muted in soliloquy.

After exactly 31536000 seconds, the same editor has re-surfaced: this time again to vouch for the contributors of Indian Policy. Indira, Abhilash, Rajarshi, Deepak, Pritish, Avijit, Subham et al. (in order of their levels of productivity for Indian Policy) have done extraordinarily well for the last one year. Indira, especially, worked smartly to let the ship moving.

Our policy is to encourage free opinion, which may not always be objective. And we stuck to that path for the last 31536000 seconds. We did not receive any financial tutelage from any quarters. That, in fact, enabled us to remain free and joyful.

Again, after exactly 31536000 seconds, “We”, here at Indian Policy, pledge to remain free, joyous and productive. 100 posts and going strong in a mere span of 1 year bespeaks our intentions at least, if not credibility.

That too when one considers the fact that the contributors need to stretch themselves in variegated domains to nourish their alimentary canal, this milestone of 100 posts appear more muscular.

On a serious note: we welcome more participants in this platform for building a stronger nation-state, (not always in a Hegelian sense) if not in terms of military architecture, but definitely in the field of ‘civil society buttressed’ policy-making.

However, our motto of viewing through a non-partisan prism does not wither away.
Uddipan Mukherjee is a late riser. Still, he works 'very hard' to edit Indian Policy. By the way, he writes in diplostratics

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